About Me

I am a young aspiring game designer. I am currently studying a BSc Hons Game Design course at Bournemouth University. So far on my course I have achieved the task of developing 3D models and environments, creating some levels in Unity and Unreal with some complicated mechanics, done some rigging of humanoid characters and a small amount of lighting and texturing. I have also created my own concept art for my 3D designs like character work. I recently participated in my first game jam where myself and a team of four others created Peregrino Tempus; a puzzle, platformer that features a father and son on a pilgrim of time which is what peregrino tempus literally translates to, we created it in 48 hours and it can be found here on my website. I am glad I took part in it as it was a lot of fun and will definitely be doing more of them in the future.

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